Home Cleaning Pricing

For House Air , House Move-In or Move-Out, Apartment , Patio , Garage , Laundry Cleaning

Home Square FeetStandard Clean Cost Deep Clean CostNumber Of Bedroom
1,000 $150 $200 01
1,200 $250 $280 02
1,500 $350$38003

House Air Cleaner

Average Cost

$150 T0 $350

The overall prices reflect different types of businesses, location, cleaning requirements and overall size.

move-in or move-out

Average Cost

$200 T0 $400

You’ll pay more for large spaces and it’s considered a deep clean, meaning it’ll take longer and use more chemicals.

Apartment cleaning

Average Cost

$100 T0 $150

Apartments, generally a third the size of a home, requires about a third the price and time to clean.

Patio Cleaning

Average Cost


Professional patio cleaning service. Remove dirt, grime, and stains. Restore the beauty of your outdoor space. Reliable and efficient results guaranteed.

Garage cleaning

Average Cost


Thorough garage cleaning services. Organize, declutter, and remove debris. Create a clean and functional space. Trustworthy and timely service.

Laundry cleaning

Average Cost


Convenient laundry cleaning service. Expertly wash, dry, and fold your clothes. Fresh, clean, and ready to wear. Hassle-free and reliable.

Commercial Cleaning Pricing

For Office , Bank, Airbnb , Government , Construction Cleaning

FurnitureCarpetFireplace & ChimneySidingWindowsGutterRoofDuctsMolds

Gutter Cleanup

Average Cost

$275 T0 $500

The total linear feet and condition of your gutters dictate the overall price. Over time, especially in the fall and winter, your gutters and downspouts gather leaves and debris that prevent them from draining moisture away from the roof. Pros also look for cracks and damage and may offer to install mesh to keep your gutters clear.

Roof Pressure

Average Cost

$300 T0 $600

It requires specialized cleaning and safety gear but doesn’t take long. Not all roof types need cleaning. Contact a local roof cleaning professional for quotes and an inspection.

Ducts & Vents

Average Cost

$100 T0 $500

Duct and vent cleaning costs $100 to $500. Rates vary, either by the number of vents you have or the total linear feet of ductwork. Over time, dust builds in your HVAC system that requires specialized cleaners and high powered vacuums to remove. If you’re worried about air quality, consider installing a whole-